700,000 websites face hacking due to WordPress Plugin vulnerabilities

Information and communications security researchers find serious vulnerabilities in a WordPress plugin called File Manager You install over 700,000 websites (700,000 websites).
Technology security research team from Wordfence announced on September 1 that serious vulnerabilities were found in the Plugin for WordPress is called File Manager . This vulnerability allows hackers or crooks to execute commands and upload infected files. malicious files) to their target website successfully.

File Manager Plugin is an add-on designed to help webmasters who use WordPress CMS easily manage their files. ) On their website with a simple interface.

Experts advise webmasters who install File Manger on WordPress to update the plugin to the latest version, File Manager 6.9, to Fix vulnerabilities and protect your website from hackers.

The Tech Khmer team encourages webmasters to remove add-ons that you do not use frequently or from the website to avoid Free from various attacks.

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