Arrested a young man who hacked more than 200 Facebook accounts and swindled money

Police in Phnom Penh arrested a young man who hacked into more than 200 other people’s Facebook accounts to defraud them of all their money Pictures, and there are 50 Facebook accounts that cheated this young man.
The young man was arrested after the victim filed a complaint for hacking into someone else’s Facebook account without Permission to chat (send a message) to borrow money from friends on Facebook, requiring money to be sent through a money transfer company.

The director of the Anti-Technology Crime Department, Lt. Gen. Chea Pov, said that the young man was arrested at the intersection of Street 182, Sangkat Teuk Laok 2, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh, on May 30, 2019. This is according to the posting on the Facebook page of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police on May 31.

Lt. Gen. said that the operation to arrest the young man who stole other people’s Facebook accounts was led by Lt. Gen. Siv Chhean in collaboration with the Office of Technology Crimes. Of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police and under the direct command of General Santibandit Neth Savoeun, National Police Commissioner General, with the coordination of the Deputy Prosecutor Riel Sophin.
Lt. Gen. Chea Pov said that the young man who hacked other people’s Facebook accounts was named Krouch Si Chhay, a Cambodian born on May 17, 1997. Unreal Occupation currently resides in Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey, Khan Sen Sok. After his arrest, the suspect confessed that he had swindled a lot of money and hacked into about 200 Facebook accounts in Among them, there are more than 50 accounts that he has successfully swindled out of money.

The Technology Crimes Department is currently building a case to be sent to court for further proceedings. The department also confirmed that in the past, the department has received many complaints related to this case from the victims.

However, His Excellency Lt. Gen. Chea Pov, Director of the Department of Technology Crimes, reminded citizens who use Facebook to be careful. In the case of sending a loan message on social media by sending money to a number that is not the number of the Facebook account holder . Lt. Gen. advises that before sending money to anyone, ask social media users to call to confirm the owner of the Facebook account about Borrow this money first.

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