Beware of cheating crooks, stealing Facebook accounts or links via Link

This App Service account shares many popular packs in Cambodia on its account and writes warning messages in Khmer. The possibility of losing a Facebook account if the account holder or packer does not follow their instructions in the message That no.

The owner of a pack or Facebook account hosted by an App Service account (or other pack) shares your pack on the App Service account (or pack). Other) By clicking on the link, please do not click on that link because it is a scam. Only you can lose your Facebook account or add a virus to your machine through that link.

The App Service account warning message reads: ” Your account warning will be deactivated because someone Report any differences between your content and any violations of our Terms of Service. If you are the original account holder, please verify your account to avoid being blocked. Please confirm your account hereā€¦ . The same account threatens, “If you do not confirm, our system will automatically shut down your Facebook account and you will not “It can no longer be used . ”

Tech Khmer team took the link that the anonymous group posted with the message on their Facebook account to verify with the security website The Internet is called Virus Total and as a result indicates that the link contains a virus.

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