Beware of scams, money, shopping on social media!

The Information Technology Department of the Ministry of Interior advises citizens, especially social media users and those who like to shop online, to be careful. For money laundering.
Seeing the sale of products and online shopping is popular in the Kingdom of Cambodia, the team of the Information Technology Department of the Ministry of Interior in On Monday, August 16th, a notice was posted on the department’s official Facebook page calling on citizens to be careful about Buy goods for fear that they will be deceived by crooks who take the opportunity to cheat for money.

The same department confirms that the crooks always have a series of new tricks to take advantage of the opportunity to deceive the victims who are favorite Shop online.

The team of the Information Technology Department of the Ministry of Interior reveals the tricks of money laundering by selling goods online using the following techniques:

1 Scammers post products on Facebook pages or on shopping sites
2 Promote products such as Facebook Ads with attractive articles or videos on their products (for example, high quality, cheap, not available in the market). Etc.)
3 No contact phone number provided, ie can only be contacted via social media
Instruct the customer to make payment before receiving the goods, in fact there is no delivery after the fraudster receives money from Victims.
4 In connection with the above scam, the authorities have cracked down on many cases in the past, but some crooks continue to commit acts. This offense follows. Therefore, the Department of Information Technology would like to remind people to be careful not to pay before receiving goods, especially payment. Make money buying products online from vendors you do not know or trust.

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