Do not be surprised! Facebook, Instagram and Messenger tonight worldwide error

On the night of November 18th, Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, which are the applications of the company Facebook (Facebook), have problems all over the world, not problems For you alone.
The problem that users face is that they can not see the latest information on their feeds, can not post stories and can not Post pictures or text.

It is not yet clear what caused the three social media crashes, but it almost happened. But all over the world, including the eastern United States, Central Europe and Asia, Instagram is a problem in Europe. According –to the Down Detector –website .

However, a– Facebook spokesperson- told TNW: ” We ( Facebook )– know that a lot of people– are having access issues . Facebook application.

At almost 12 o’clock on November 28, 2019, Tech Khmer noticed that all three Facebook programs of the company are still not working. As usual yet.

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