Eight Android Apps Embedded to Download Bank Data from Mobile Phones

Technology security researchers from Check Point Research have found eight Android apps on the Google Play Store that contain embedded AlienBot Banker and MRAT viruses. Get data from the banking application (Bank Application) and can completely control the user’s phone.
Google removed the infected software from its Play Store on February 9 after receiving it. Reported by technology security experts on January 28, 2021.

A report by technology security researchers at Check Point posted on the company’s website states that the virus is called Clast82. The developers of these apps use techniques to bypass Google Play Protect controls to gain app permission to place apps on Google Play. Store then they update the software by installing AlienBot Banker and MRAT virus and sometimes they use encryption to hide the infected code to Can put the app into the Play Store.

AlienBot virus is a type of virus used on Android devices that allows an attacker to enter malicious code into an application. Remote Finance Then the attacker retrieved the financial account data and took complete control of the victim’s device.

1 8 programs include:
2 Cake VPN
3 Pacific VPN
4 eVPN
5 BeatPlayer
6 QR / Barcode Scanner MAX
7 Music Player
8 tooltipnatorlibrary
9 QRecorder

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