Facebook cancels more than 5 billion fake accounts in 2019

Facebook deletes more than 5 billion fake accounts in 2019 and deletes hundreds of millions of photos Shows child abuse and suicidal images.
On Wednesday, November 13th, Facebook said that about 5.4 billion fake accounts were deleted from the company. Its social network in 2019 in an effort to combat fraudulent information on social media. From April to September 2019, the company deleted 3.2 billion fake accounts, the company said.

According to Channel News Asia, published on November 14, Facebook said that with the increase in the creation of fake accounts. Fraudulent companies increase protection and often delete the account immediately just minutes after the account is Created.

“We (the company) –have increased –our ability to search and –block attempts to create –Fake accounts and abusive accounts,” Facebook –stated in its most –recent Transparency Report. We can estimate that every day we ( the company ) block millions of fake account attempts using these search engines. ยป

However, the transparency report also states that Instagram has also been noted as a good place to be. Concerned about the rise of fake news.

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