Hacker sells nearly 27 million online accounts on Dark Web

Nearly 27 million new online accounts were hacked on the Dark Web recently. Steal from 6 different famous websites.
This is the fourth time that millions of online accounts have been posted by a hacker on the Dark Web after the hacker. It sold about 890 million online accounts, stolen from 32 popular websites in three different stages.

According to The Hacker News, published on March 17, 2019, a Pakistani hacker who gave his nickname online as Gnosticplayers, claiming to have hacked online accounts from hundreds of popular websites, sent an email to The Hacker News.

The hacker told The Hacker News that last month he stole three online accounts to sell on the Dark Web. Named the Dream Market. For the first time, the hacker stole 620 million online accounts from 16 websites. The second time, 127 million online accounts were stolen from eight websites. The third hacked 92 million accounts from eight websites and the fourth hacked nearly 27 million more accounts from six websites.

Six websites hacked by Gnosticplayers (online nickname) were recently hacked into the Dream Market website. This is as follows:

1.12 million Youthmanual accounts on Indonesia’s colleges and careers website
GameSalad 1.5 million accounts as an online learning website
Bukalapak 13 million accounts as an online sales website
Lifebear 3.86 million accounts on Japan’s Notebook website
EstanteVirtual 5.45 million book sales website
Coubic 1.5 million Account Appointment Scheduling Website
Each of the above data was hacked and sold on the Dream Market for a total of 1.2431 Bitcoin, about $ 5,000.

The Hacker News said it had already contacted the six companies to report the leak. To find out if the companies have already informed their customers about this issue.

However, if you are a user of any of the above websites, you should change your password immediately. In addition, if you use the same password as the above website on other websites, you should also change the password Immediately.

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