Hackers vow not to attack health facilities during Kovid-19 outbreak

Two well-known hackers pledge not to attack healthcare units during Covid-19 ) Is spreading almost all over the world.
Forbes Magazine reported on March 19, 2020 that two well-known cybercrime gangs have released two ransomware raids. The announcement that they will not attack the health and medical care unit while the coronavirus is spreading. Regarding this promise, whether we can believe that promise and whether criminals can protect the care unit Health from the attack or not.

U.S. Attorney Scott Brady Warns People to Beware of Unprecedented Wave of Scams Through Website Distribution Map of the recent transmission of Kovid-19 virus with malware.

The magazine writes that the creator of BleepingComputer, Lawrence Abrams, asked simple questions to the hackers behind the attack. ” Will you continue to attack healthcare and pharmaceutical units during the 19 – plus Kovid outbreak ?” No ? » Their answers may surprise many readers. The first group to answer this question was the DoppelPaymer ransomware. ” They –always try –not to touch hospitals– and other health -care facilities,” Abrams was told . And when attacking the local government, ” they did not touch the number 911.” » In addition, the hacker group DoppelPaymer –says that if there is a malicious– attack on the health care –unit or drug. A free decrypter –code will be provided.

Another hacker group behind the Maze ransomware replied that they might stop attacking the institution. Drugs until the Kovid-19 pandemic has stabilized, but the group has not confirmed whether it will provide codes for decontamination if If there is any accidental attack.

So far, they have not received any promises from the hackers behind the attack. That Ryuk. The group attacked the North Carolina city and government system and called for a state of emergency in New Orleans. 2019.

However, digital security company Emsisoft has promised to provide free ransomware decryption services for hospitals and nursing homes. Other health.

During the Kovid-19 outbreak, all institutions should further strengthen the security of their systems to avoid cybercriminals. This opportunity is offensive because most employees start working from home.

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