Header numbers +370 and +381 Missed call Do not call back

The Technology Crime Prevention Department of the Ministry of Interior warns all citizens not to call back to existing international telephone numbers Headers +370 and +381 that you do not know.
The tech department explains on its Facebook page that if you take your phone number, you call back International number with the above number, you will lose a lot of money from your mobile account immediately because The cost of calling those numbers is expensive.

The department’s confirmation comes after it was discovered that many Cambodians have recently received calls from outside numbers. Countries with the numbers +370 and +381, and this call is just a call in and put down immediately. This was initially investigated by the Department of Technology Crimes and considered a type of scam similar to the required Call Back scam. Allows you to receive a call back to your personal phone number to call back.

Such cases have already happened in Cambodia. At the beginning of 2020, many Facebook users posted and shared a series of international phone numbers. There is a +685 number, call the mobile number immediately and put it down immediately. In 2017, there were similar cases.

However, the Department of Technology Crimes calls on all citizens not to return to foreign numbers you do not know, especially if You receive a winning message, a message selling cheap goods below market value, etc. Please do not reply or follow the instructions in the message. Not at all, because it is only a deception.

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