India bans 47 more Chinese mobile apps after Tik Tok, WeChat

Indian government bans 47 more Chinese smartphone apps last Friday, either clones Apps related to mobile apps that were banned last month.
Banning 47 more smartphone apps after Indian government bans popular Chinese apps Tik Tok, WeChat and 57 others Another in June 2020.

“The issue of this ban lies in the code of conduct,” the Indian Ministry of Information Technology told The Indian Express. Of those mobile apps. This is a process. “If the program is subject to the code of conduct, all applications will be scanned.” The source added that the code of conduct refers to data being sent to the Chinese government.

Excerpts from “emerging threats” from popular mobile apps from China such as Tik Tok, ShareIt, UCBrowser, Club Factory and CamScanner India banned 59 mobile applications on June 29 based on information related to privacy, security and national security, as well as public order.

Rajesh Pant, director of the National Government’s Cyber ​​Coordination Center (NCCC), told The Indian Express after banning mobile apps in June. “We have the technique to find out where the data goes and what code is hidden in the program,” he said. “Based on these findings and in conjunction with the lawsuit, the government has decided to go all out.”

Indian government bans Chinese-origin smartphone app after Indian military clashes with Chinese army in Ladakh In northern India, at least 20 Indian soldiers were killed and more than 75 wounded on June 15.

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