Japanese ambassador shares summer lifestyle

Japanese Ambassador to Cambodia Shares Summer Living Experience with Cambodians in Less Than 2 Minutes Video Clip Posted on On its official social network.
Hidehisa Hironouchi, Japanese Ambassador to Cambodia, said in the video that people should reduce their electricity consumption during the rainy season. This heat is due to the fact that electricity generation often releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, causing global warming.

He said that in Japan, until the summer, the Japanese government always asks people, government institutions and private companies to reduce electricity consumption in the baseline. Aims to reduce carbon emissions that cause global warming by reducing the use of air conditioners and not turning on the lights A lot and so on.
He said that inside the Japanese government building, the air conditioning temperature is set at 28 degrees Celsius when the weather is 35 degrees Celsius, except Is there any official program? He said that such a setting makes the room a little warmer. Therefore, from May to September, when going to work in the office, men do not have to wear a tie and a jacket.

At the end of the video clip, the Japanese ambassador asked the Cambodian people what kind of approach she had. Some to save electricity?

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