Microsoft has four most serious weaknesses in its products in May 2021

Four of the 55 most serious vulnerabilities were recently released by Microsoft. Affect some of its products in May 2021.
Microsoft advises its customers to update the software immediately to avoid hackers taking advantage of these vulnerabilities. To attack a target computer.

If the attack is successful, the hackers will be able to execute remote code and even take full control of the compromised computer. They can perform some actions without the permission of the computer owner, such as installing software or installing viruses, creating new accounts that Have Admin rights and open data, change data or delete data
Affected Microsoft products include:
.NET Core & Visual Studio
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Accessibility Insights for Web
Microsoft Bluetooth Driver
Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Operations
Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)
Microsoft Exchange Server
Microsoft Graphics Component
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office Access
Microsoft Office Excel
Microsoft Office SharePoint
Microsoft Office Word
Microsoft Windows Codecs Library
Microsoft Windows IrDA
Open Source Software
Role: Hyper-V
Skype for Business and Microsoft Lync
Visual Studio
Visual Studio Code
Windows Container Isolation FS Filter Driver
Windows Container Manager Service
Windows Cryptographic Services
Windows CSC Service
Windows Desktop Bridge
Windows OLE
Windows Projected File System FS Filter
Windows RDP Client
Windows SMB
Windows SSDP Service
Windows WalletService
Windows Wireless Networking
The Tech Khmer team would also like to recommend you to update your Windows operating system and the software listed above. To protect your computer from various attacks.

To update Windows, do the following:
Go to Windows Settings
Click on Update & Security
Click the Check for Updates button to update your operating system and wait for it to finish and restart the computer.
For those of you who are using Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2008, you need to purchase an Extended Security Update to get the latest updates. Further operating system updates.

You can read more about May 2021 vulnerabilities in Microsoft products via the link ( May 2021 Security Updates ).

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