Microsoft plans to introduce curve drawing in Calculator on Windows 10

Calculator on Windows 10 will be added by Microsoft with new features that can draw or construct lines or curves. Coming soon.
Microsoft in early March began expanding the Calculator feature on Windows 10 by adding a new feature (Graphing Mode) that can Draw a graph after the company put open source software Calculator on GitHub and get more than 30 comments from contributors On GitHub.

Graphing Mode or graphing function will allow users to create graphs based on mathematical equations similar to the Plotting Mode function of Matlab.

Dave Grochocki, a Microsoft engineer, came up with the idea for this feature. Additionally, he is a Windows Calculator team member.

However, it is not yet known the exact date of the launch of the calculator, which can construct this curve. Yet as it is marked as pre-production on GitHub.

Purpose of this new function:

Provides a good base of graphical calculator on Windows
Supports all major mathematical forms, such as being able to create and interpret functions of linear, exponential, quadratic, and trigonometric functions.
Users can:

Enter an equation and the program will display it on the graph
Enter multiple equations and the program will compare them on the graph
Edit the equation to see how it transforms the graph
Can export graphs to be able to share with others, etc.

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