More than 1 million RedMart user accounts hacked

More than 1 million accounts of users of Singapore’s largest e-commerce platform RedMart have been hacked It went on sale online last week. This is according to the publication of Channel New Asia on Friday, October 30.
RedMart is a popular online shopping site in Singapore and part of Lazada, an online retailer that sells products to the region. Southeast Asia includes Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore itself.

Channel News Asia reports that it has visited online forums that sell all personal data from various business websites around the world. There is also a website called Lazada. The website states that the personal data website claims to contain user information such as name, phone number and partial credit card number. ) About 1.1 million accounts belong to RedMart users.

A Lazada spokesman said in a statement: ” Our cyber security team has found an individual claiming to have data. “RedMart customers who have pulled out of the old system that the company no longer uses . ”

The company added that the stolen information was updated in March 2019 and affected only RedMart and was not involved. With Lazada data.

” The stolen data, which is more than 18 months old, is an old version of the data,” the statement said. RedMart will not be associated with any Lazada data . The illegally stolen customer information includes name, phone number, e-mail address, encrypted password and part Some of the credit card numbers .

However, the company is investigating the data leak and has already notified the Personal Data Protection Commission. Data Protection Commission).

The company states that protecting the data and privacy of its customers is a top priority and we are working to address this.

In addition, the company sent an email to its customers stating that the current user data was not affected and the words Account secrets in Lazada are encrypted. The company also asked users to change their password when logging in again, logging out all current accounts and Beware of fraudulent emails requesting personal information, as the company did not ask customers to verify personal information That is not.

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