Phone +685 incoming call can not be hacked or stolen money from the bank account

Recently, many Facebook users have been posting and sharing about foreign phone numbers. It is believed that from Samoa there are +685 callers calling their mobile number in Cambodia.
They worry that if they answer the phone or call back to that number, their cell phone will be hacked. They can cause the loss of money from the bank account that they have installed banking software on mobile phones. For this reason, they wrote a message on Facebook and warned others not to receive or call back. Not at all.

Can a call from Samoa or another country cause you to lose money from the bank ? Can a hacker hack your phone just to make an incoming call and you get the call or you call Back ?
In this regard, the Telecommunications Regulator of Cambodia issued a statement on January 24, 2020 that the technical specifications of mobile operators. All in Cambodia show that receiving incoming calls from any anonymous number does not cause mobile users to lose storage data In the phone or budget in the phone service account or in the bank account. The same letter states that the case of any mobile phone user in Cambodia calling back to the anonymous number signed will make The user loses funds in his mobile service account for international calls (international calls) at a fixed rate. Charge the local mobile operator you use.

ABA Bank also confirmed on its Facebook that ABA Bank customer accounts are securely protected and cannot be compromised. Hack through incoming calls.

Similar cases are not new to Cambodians, even in the United States. Called One Ring Phone Scams.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States explains on its website that the purpose of the One Ring call is Signing does not allow you to pick up the phone yet, but it does want you to call back.

If you call back to that number, you will be charged by the international carrier because you Called abroad. So if you do not know exactly the number that Sino called your phone, do not call back, avoid Loss of international call connection fee.

In 2017, such cases have already occurred once in Cambodia, and the telecommunications regulator of Cambodia and telecom operators have confirmed and interpreted. Once already.

Telecommunications regulator of Cambodia confirms that since such cases in 2017 until now, there is no case Exactly which shows that any mobile phone users are still affected by this.

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