Robot Sophia wants to meet singer Preap Sovath (Video)

Sophia the Robot, the world’s first robot, has been granted humanity that she wants to meet and listen to music. The beauty of Khmer singer Preap Sovath.
Speaking in an interview posted on video on the official Facebook page of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP Cambodia) On Tuesday afternoon, March 26, Robot Sophia said that one of the things she wants to do the most during her visit This time in Cambodia, she wants to meet and listen to the beautiful songs of Preap Sovath, a popular Cambodian singer. She also said that she was practicing singing.

During her second visit to Cambodia, Sophia said she was thrilled to fly from the Mekong River and meet Prime Minister Hun Sen at the Cambodia Vision Conference on Tuesday morning, March 26.

In the same video, Sophia praised Phnom Penh as a great city and said that the Cambodian people are very friendly and kind. Especially good, she praised Angkor Wat when it was great when she visited last year.

Sophia the Robot is the world’s first robot to receive citizenship from the Saudi government in October 2017 and Become the first robot with human-like citizenship. A month later, Sophia also won the Innovation Champions from UNDP as the first robot.

Sophia was developed by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics and launched in February 2016. The robot became famous and many people around the world got to know her through speeches and interviews in the media. Famous around the world.

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