TikTok steals MAC Address from Android users for almost 2 years

TikTok, China’s most popular app, has been collecting MAC address data from Android phone users for 18 months. Violation of principles. This is according to the publication of The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.
A MAC or MAC Address is a non-overlapping address to identify each electronic device that is used to connect to a network or Internet. The MAC address is entered in the hardware when the factory makes the electronics.

As of 2015, both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store have been banned from downloading MAC addresses due to legal violations, but TikTok is still available for download. Get the MAC address through the loophole of the operating system.

The Wall Street Journal cites a study showing that about 350 apps on the Google Play Store exploit this loophole for advertising purposes.

However, TikTok ended its MAC address download in November 2019, a policy change that The Wall Street Journal considers to be due to Political pressure from Washington.

However, TikTok is controversial with some major countries such as India and the United States.

TikTok is currently in talks with Microsoft over its operations in the United States after the White House issued an executive order. US operations with TikTok’s company, but it is not yet known how long the negotiations will take.

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