Track Kovid-19 cross-link data on the ministry’s mapping website

A website that displays data on Covid-19 cases distributed by capital and province throughout Cambodia has been submitted by the Ministry of Health. Worked recently.
On this new map site you will easily find data related to Kovid-19 infection cases in the provinces or capitals you want to know. Just click on the province name on the left or click on the red circle on the map and you will see Number:

New infections
Total number of cases
If you are infected
Healing Case
Case of patient death
And details.
The Kovid-19 Infectious Diseases Map website at also provides educational videos on how to prevent Infection, hygiene, what is coronavirus, and many educational videos.

This website states that the purpose of creating this website is to facilitate as well as improve the provision of information and Link the data of the Department of Infectious Diseases with the people so that the people can get reliable data and easy to Find out the details related to the case of Kovid-19 infection.

The Kovid-19 Infection Surveillance System was developed by InSTEDD iLab and extracted data from the Department of Infectious Diseases, Ministry of Health. Of the Kingdom of Cambodia with financial support from Ending Pandemics.

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