Vietnamese minister wants to create social network and personal search engine

Vietnam’s Information Minister proposes to create social media and search engines instead of Facebook and Google. According to the publication of VN Express.
At a meeting on information technology industry in Ho Chi Minh City on July 15, 2019, Minister of Information and Communication Nguyen Manh Hung ” The time has come for us to create a new social network and a new search engine that focuses more on you,” he said. Use and make it more valuable. »

He added that the world needs a new way to socialize where users benefit from this social network. He said they must be involved in making rules for the forum and protecting it.

He says social media is a society, so it should respect basic moral values ​​and follow the law.

” Why don’t– we create a new social –network instead of Facebook– because Facebook’s philosophy– is no longer relevant,” he said. For the world ? –We need a social network where the values ​​created by the community are shared, not for one person. »
In addition to wanting to create a social network to replace Facebook, the Vietnamese minister also proposed the creation of a search engine with reliable answers. To help unskilled searchers through the many answers that are generated when searching.

He says Vietnam’s adaptive culture of learning, creating and implementing something new quickly is an advantage in the process. The digital revolution.

The Vietnamese government expects that by 2025, 50% of all businesses will be digitized and the digital economy will account for 20% of GDP. (GDP). Eighty percent of its relationships with the public and with businesses were digitized that year.

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