WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook worldwide

Facebook has another problem that prevents users around the world from appearing or seeing pictures or videos and other information. On the App and on its website on the night of July 3, 2019.
The problem also occurs on Instagram and WhatsApp, both of which are also under Facebook. .

According to the Down Detector website, which is a website that monitors the problems of apps and websites in the world, said that the problem does not appear or Can not click to see the picture on the News Feed is starting at about 8 am (US time). This error does not affect all images, meaning that some images are visible but others are not. That no.

Down Detector also said that it has received reports from users about not being able to see messages in Facebook Messenger. Also.

A Facebook spokesperson immediately said he was aware of the issue, which some users and businesses are struggling with. But there is a problem can not appear or send pictures, videos and other files on our apps.

However, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed that the company was working to bring the social network back to normal. As fast as possible.

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